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So I made 2 mistakes this weekend: first – I went to the mall.  Second – I went into RW & Co. when they had 40% off the entire store. My credit card hates me right now.  #sorrynotsorry  Despite the fact that the entire store was 40% off I think I restrained myself quite well.  I feel like I could have spent a lot more.  Gold star for me!  Here’s what I purchased:

Floral Pencil Skirt – $59.90 (less 40%!)

This is from their Spring line and I couldn’t find any pictures of it other than this one via their Pinterest account which does not do it justice.  It looks pretty short on the model but on me it hits just above the knee so it’ll work great for work.  The floral print on the front and back are bright and colorful and the white triangular panels on the side keep it from being overwhelming.  The one thing I love and hate about RW’s skirts is that they typically have a stretch lining in them.  I say love and hate because skirts – particularly white ones, are always better when they are lined!  But I’ve found with some of their skirts that the lining really stretches out after a wear or two and makes the skirt so big that it’s unwearable for me.  Hoping that this isn’t the case with this one!

Sleeveless Chiffon Dress with Tie Belt (Black Multi) – $69.90 (less 40%!)

This was the last one of these in this print on the rack and I scooped it right up.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to look on, as on the hanger it didn’t seem to have much shape.  Once I got it on I loved the fit – the tie belt defined my waist and the chiffon glided over any lumps and bumps.  I’m always a fan of pockets in a dress but sometimes they can really alter the fit of the dress and look bulky around the hip area which is never a good look. The pockets here are sewn properly so it’s not an issue.  Length-wise this hits me just at the knee so it’s also perfect for work.  I was tempted by the Dazzling Blue and Georgia Peach colors but ended up going with this one I felt I’d need to wear a slip underneath with the other two (they weren’t sheer by any means but I always just feel more comfortable doing so when wearing thinner fabrics in sheer colours).  I’ll be wearing this to work later this week when the temperatures are slated to head into the high 20’s!

Natalie Pastel Jegging (Pink Quartz) – $59.90 (less 40%)

When I first heard that jeggings were making a comeback I was appalled.  I remember the acid wash, printed versions that were around in the 80’s and how horrible they were back then.  Didn’t understand why they’d ever need to be revisited.  I still agree with that sentiment, however I now understand the appeal of this decades version of them.  I own a few pairs and I tend to reach for them often as they are some of the most comfortable pants I own.  When I spotted these in the store, I was immediately drawn to the color of them.  In the picture above they look like a soft blush color but in real life the color is closer to a muted bubblegum pink.  Regardless I absolutely love them, not just because of their amazing color but because of how unbelievably soft these are!  Given that they are jeggings they are also obviously super stretchy which just adds to their overall comfort factor.  The only gripe I have with them is that they are a little long – I’m going to see if I can get away with just folding them up or under to avoid taking them to the seamstress (#lazy).  I can’t wait to wear these to the office on Friday with a cute blouse!

Wishing you a great week!


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