Boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask


Back in May I purchased this mask for my mom as part of her Mother’s Day gift.  After using it, she raved about it, said I had to try it and promptly purchased one for me to try out for myself.

If you haven’t heard or seen anything about these I’ll fill you.  These are a one-time use, sheet mask from Boscia.  They retail for $10 CAD at Sephora and I found them next to the checkouts amongst all their little travel sized products.  They have a few different types but the fact that this one stated it was Pore Minimizing is what interested me.  It also claims to purify and refine skin’s texture, which both seem like good things too!  The package states that its a 100% Hydrogel and I honestly had no clue what that meant.  I still don’t?

On to the review. I’ve never used a sheet mask prior to this so I wasn’t really sure what to expect except my mom told me it was a little difficult to to get out of the package and on to your face.  I’ll agree with that!  The mask itself has a really slimy, slippery, jelly-like consistency; I almost felt like I was touching some sort of sea creature.  I really didn’t like the texture of this at all, it kind of creeped me out.  The package states that this is a custom fit 2 piece mask.  Not sure custom is the right word there – how can something be customized if it’s mass produced to fit anyone’s face?


Anyway, I didn’t expect it to fit my face perfectly and it didn’t – it was too big around my eyes and nose but I made it work.  I feel like sheet masks probably work best when they come in two parts so you can fit it better to your face but I’ve only tried one so probably not an expert in this area.  Getting it out of the package and on to my face was definitely not the easiest thing I’ve ever done – parts of the mask just wanted to stick together so it was a bit of a battle but I got it figured out.  I felt like I was going to rip it but that didn’t happen – although it feels thin I think the mask itself is actually quite resilient.

I let it soak in while I took a bath; for the most part I had my head tilted back as there were a few times where I felt it might just slide off my face but it stayed put (that was probably just my own paranoia).  You’re supposed to leave this on for 15-20 minutes which I did.  After you remove the mask you’re supposed to rub any excess product into your skin for added moisture.  I didn’t do that because once I removed it I felt like my skin was plenty moisturized.  I did find it felt a little tacky so I massaged any tacky spots with my fingers to soak in the product a little more.

When I checked over my face in the mirror I unfortunately did not see any difference in terms of the size of my pores.  My mom said hers looked noticeably smaller for days after using it so that was disappointing.  My skin felt soft and moisturized but it looked a little greasy so I skipped my moisturizer that night before going to bed.  I thought maybe things would take effect over night and it’d look different in the morning but nope, still the same.

So overall, I personally wouldn’t re-purchase this again.  I didn’t see any noticeable results from it and it definitely didn’t do anything for my pores.  For $10 for a single use I expect more than that.  That said, my mom loved it so it might just not be right for my skin type.  To be honest, I’m not sure sheet masks in general are really for me – I felt a little claustrophobic having this on my face.  I think I’ll stick with regular face masks going forward.

Have a great day!


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