Weekend Purchases!


I hit up the mall this past weekend without any kind of goal in mind, which is always somewhat dangerous.  Here’s what I found:

ONE: Express Black Cami Sundress ($41.93 CAD – SALE!)

The minute I tried this on I knew I had to have it – it’s the perfect sundress for summer!  Unfortunately the pic above really doesn’t do it justice and it was basically impossible for me to get a good picture of it myself.  Anyway, empire waist dresses can be tricky on me – sometimes they make me look pregnant (#nope).  This one is cut perfectly so doesn’t flare out too much at the waist. I also love the length because it’s not too short and not too long.  I feel like it’s versatile too – dressy with a cute cardigan and heels or casual with a denim jacket and wedge sandals. It’s super comfy, the only issue being is that I’d need to wear a strapless bra with it, which is a slight annoyance.

This comes in a wide range of colours and I really wanted it in this blue floral print but they didn’t have my size; they do have it online though so I might just order it.  They have some really nice lighter colours too but I didn’t like how sheer the material was.  I suppose you could wear some kind of slip underneath but that seems like too much work for me so I’ll just stick with the darker versions.

TWO: Splendid Bandeau Top & Tunnel Side Tie Bottoms ($44.40 & 33.60 CAD – SALE!)

Ugh bathing suit shopping.  #torture You may remember this post a month or so I did on bathing suit inspiration.  Shortly after I went into H&M and grabbed a bunch of their suits to try on.  They looked great online, they looked decent in store but they were horrible on.  They were nowhere near close being true to size (even though I picked up some tops that were sized according to bra sizes), the materials were thin and I felt like they could potentially disintegrate after one use.  I’m not sure what I was really expecting coming from H&M but they were a huge disappointment and I walked out with empty hands.

I also gave Victoria’s Secret a try again, despite not really loving anything in their swim line this year.  As mentioned they have lots of slinky, skimpy suits this year which is fine if you like that kind of thing but they were really not for me.  I didn’t have any luck there either and I was feeling pretty discouraged.

Until this weekend when I went into the Bay and was actually kind of surprised at the variety of swimwear they carry.  I picked out a few options from Oakley, Jessica Simpson, BCBG and was about to head into the fitting room when I noticed this suit on a rack:


What drew me to it was the adorable corset-like back.  I’m also a fan of stripes so I added it to my haul and headed to try them all on.  I made my way through my choices which were all pretty disappointing and then I got to this one and I loved it immediately!  Both the bottom and top fit perfectly which I was really surprised at – I’m usually not a fan of side tie bottoms nor bandeau tops as I rarely get them to fit properly.  This comes with a removable neck strap so that’s nice to have that as an option if I so choose.  The material is nice and thick and it feels really well made.  Because it fits so well I actually feel pretty confident in this suit and I’m looking forward to wearing it!

Links to where its sold on the Hudson Bay’s website: Top & Bottoms

THREE: OGX Kukui Oil Shampoo ($9.99 CAD)IMG_7905Lately I’ve been really frustrated with my hair – if its raining, there’s a chance of rain or if there’s even a bit of humidity in the air my hair just falls flat and frizzes right up.  So I thought I’d try a new shampoo specifically meant for frizz as I was running low on my regular shampoo. I came across this and thought I’d give it a try.  I’ll do a full review on this once I’ve had a chance to fully vet it.   FYI the entire OGX line is on sale for $6.99 @ Shoppers the week.

FOUR & FIVE: The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil – $12.00 CAD / Almond Hand & Nail Cream – $10.00 CAD


This really isn’t a purchase I made on my own per-say but my mom picked up for me (thanks Mom!).  I’m in LOVE with this almond cuticle nail oil from the Body Shop!  I keep one at my desk at work and apply it while I’m on the phone or when I have a few spare minutes and it keeps my cuticles moisturized and my nails smooth and shiny. I love the brush applicator as its such a simple and mess free way to apply it!  I’m going to keep this one on my nightstand so I can apply this before I go to bed.

I also received a tube of the Almond hand cream which so far I am also loving.  This is light and creamy but super moisturizing and non-greasy.  It also absorbs quickly which for me, is important in a hand cream. I really like the scent too – it’s fresh and not overpowering.   I’ve only used this a couple of times but so far I’m feeling like this is going to be topping my list of favourite hand creams!ntil next time!



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