Vacation Beauty Routine – Part 2


First off – apologies for the horrible quality of my pictures lately. I take all of my pictures with my iPhone which usually works fine but lately it’s been acting up and making all my pictures blurry and fuzzy. ¬†ūüôĀ ¬†Can’t even fix them much using Pic Monkey. ¬†It’s annoying but I’m hoping to have it fixed soon.

So today I’m sharing the second part of my vacation beauty routine! ¬†I¬†like to keep my beauty routine simple on beach vacations because after spending all day out in the sun, we’re usually pretty tired so we go for dinner and maybe a drink or two and then hit the hay. ¬†I hate spending a bunch of time on my makeup and hair only to be back in the room removing it all an hour or two later.

So I know I keep repeating myself but the extreme humidity created so many challenges for me and my beauty routine on this trip. ¬†While my skin was never been softer and in less need of moisture, it was so frustrating to spend an hour getting ready, only to walk outside and feel like my makeup evaporated off my face and have my hair go flat and frizzy. ¬†I had more products that didn’t work than did work, so I’ll definitely be seeking out some humidity-proof products the next time I travel somewhere warm.

On the reviews!

Primer: Rimmel London Stay Matte;  $7.99-9.99 CAD, depending on retailer

I’ve been using this primer for just under a month and I love it! ¬†I have what I like to call extreme combination skin – super oily t-zone (especially my nose!) and super dry everywhere else. ¬†Given the humidity, dryness really wasn’t much of a concern for me on vacation (one of the few benefits!). ¬†This product really helped keep me relatively shine-free and extend the life of my eye makeup and foundation. ¬†Yes, I said eye makeup! ¬†I use this as my eyelid primer AND foundation primer and it works perfect for both. ¬†Love that I can use one product for two purposes! ¬†It reminds me a lot of Benefit’s the Porefessional but for a lot less! ¬†I’ll definitely be re-purchasing this one!

BB Cream: Rimmel London Radiance; $7.99-9.99 CAD, depending on retailer

I purchased this at the same time I bought the Stay Matte Primer. ¬†I did a first impressions review of this when I purchased it and I still really like this. ¬†It’s a nice match to my skin tone, creamy and gives me a nice light finish. ¬†This is the “Radiance” version of their BB cream but I don’t really feel like it gives me any kind of healthy glow or radiant finish like it claims but I’m not too hung up on that. ¬†The only thing is I didn’t find that it has a lot of staying power, particularly in humid conditions. ¬†Going forward I’d propbably give the Stay Matte version a try if I was going somewhere warm but this one works great at home. ¬†For the price, you really can’t beat this though! ¬†I’ll be repurchasing!

Powder: Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed; $5.99-8.99 CAD, depending on retailer

So I was wearing this at home for about a month and I was really liking it. ¬†It’s most definitely mattifying and I found it was really great at keeping oiliness at bay, especially on my nose. ¬†However the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing some pretty bad breakouts. ¬†I was going through the different products I was using and looking at the ingredients and discovered this has mineral oil in it. ¬†I know there’s lots of claims out there that mineral oil in beauty products doesn’t cause breakouts but anytime I use something with it in it – breakout city. ¬†So I’ve stopped using this and my skin has been clearing up. ¬†Disappointing as I really liked this but obviously it’s not worth the breakouts. ¬†Won’t be purchasing this one!

Mascara: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara; $26 CAD

I used my VIB points to pick up a deluxe sample of this mascara before I left on my trip. ¬†I hadn’t heard anything about this prior but mascara is one of those items that I typically buy in the drugstore. ¬†his mascara is super pigmented. ¬†I’m not sure I’ve ever used a mascara that makes my eyelashes so dark and black, which I really liked. ¬†Unfortunately, that’s all I liked about it. ¬†It is super wet so I completely removed¬†any curl I had in my lashes right after the first coat. ¬†I like to coat my lashes a lot, so by the time I was done my lashes were stick straight and spidery. ¬†It gave my lashes very little volume although it did add a lot of length. ¬†I’m lucky enough to have fairly decent length lashes so I’m always looking for volume and thickness. ¬†I also found it clumped a lot. ¬†The brush is a natural bristle brush which I prefer, but it was really wide and thick so I was constantly touching my upper and lower eyelids with it. ¬†Lastly, within a few hours I had raccoon eyes and flaking. ¬†Ironically though it wasn’t so easy to remove at the end of the night. ¬†As a result I would definitely not purchase the full size of this mascara. ¬†Never mind the fact that it retails for $26! ¬†Also maybe it’s just me but I find the name weird. ¬†Perversion?

Shadow & Liner: Urban Decay Naked Palette; $64 CAD

I’ve had this palette for years. ¬†Probably too long actually, I’m sure it’s probably expired. ¬†But I’m slowly making my way through the shadows and I intend on using it until I’ve finished up every colour. ¬†I always bring this with me on vacation because it’s so versatile. ¬†I can do a nude eye or a dramatic smokey eye or something in between. ¬†For the last 6 months I’ve been addicted to liquid eyeliner but I didn’t feel like bringing it with me on vacation. ¬†Instead I used some of the darker shades as eyeliner using a liner brush and it worked great.

Side note – has this always been $64? ¬†I don’t remember paying that much for it way back when. ¬†It honestly seems ridiculous but assuming I did pay that much for it, I’d do it again as I use this almost every day. ¬†It’s worth it.

Solid Perfume: Pacific Perfumes – Aloha; $28 USD

I picked this up in Hawaii last year for myself as a treat and I absolutely love it. ¬†I’ve never used a solid perfume before but I’m not sure I’ll go back to using regular perfumes while on vacation after this. ¬†It travels so well, and you don’t have to worry about the bottle breaking or perfume leaking in your suitcase. ¬†The scent is light, musky and totally reminds me of Hawaii with notes of Bergamont, Cedarwood and Pomegranate. ¬†It’s definitely lighter than a regular perfume but I like that – I just feel like everything should be lighter when you’re on vacation. ¬†Love the packaging as well – the perfume is contained in a little sustainable wood pot. ¬†The only thing I don’t like about this is the price $28 for 0.33 oz (yikes!) and as you use it the solid flattens out and it can be difficult to apply. ¬†I’m not likely to order one of these online but this will last me a while given that I’ve dedicated its use strictly to vacations. ¬†In the meantime¬†I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for other solid perfumes to add to my collection.

Hairspray: John Fredia Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold; $3.99 – $4.99 CAD (travel size)

I’ve honestly never had a good experience with any of the Frizz Ease products but I had this in storage so I thought I’d give it another try as well as try to use it up (I hate not using things that I’ve purchased, even if they suck). ¬†This did absolutely nothing for my hair. ¬†Granted, the humidity was really high (85% or more on some days) but the point of this spray is that it’s supposed to provide a humidity shield for your hair. ¬†I’d style my hair as usual, spray this on, walk outside and it was flat and frizzy in 2 minutes flat. ¬†Do not recommend this product at all and won’t be repurchasing.

Facial Wipes: Neutrogena Make-up Removing Cleansing Wipes; $8.99-10.99 CAD, depending on retailer

I’ve never really ever been a¬†fan of facial wipes. ¬†I find they never really get all my makeup off and I usually have to really “scrub” around my eye area to get my eye makeup off, which irritates the super sensitive skin around my eyes. ¬†I picked these up because I’d heard good things about Neutrogena’s face wipes in general and thought the lavender scent sounded nice. ¬†They also claim that they’ll remove all kinds of makeup, including waterproof. ¬†These took of my foundation and other face products with ease but when it came to my eye makeup, it was painful. ¬†I really had to rub my eyes to get my mascara and eye shadow off despite the fact on most nights I wasn’t wearing very much of either.¬† I also found the scent overpowering and somewhat irritating to my skin. ¬†My skin is fairly sensitive though, so knowing that, I really shouldn’t have bought these in the first place. ¬†Wouldn’t re-purchase these.

Lipstick: Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate #103 (no longer available);

I received this lipstick as free gift at Shoppers Drug Mart a few months ago and I thought I’d bring it along with me. ¬†The rest of my makeup was fairly neutral and light, so I thought a pop of colour on my lips would be nice. ¬†I’m typically not a fan of lipsticks, I prefer glosses and balms as they tend to be more moisturizing. ¬†Surprisingly I actually quite like this one. ¬†This is rosy pink cream and the colour is quite pigmented. ¬†I didn’t find it super drying like most long-wearing lipsticks but I didn’t really find it all that long lasting either. ¬†It’d last about an hour or two before the colour would start to fade and I’d need to re-apply. ¬†I probably wouldn’t repurchase this just because lipsticks aren’t my thing, but for a lipstick, I liked it more than I thought I would.

Well if you made it all the way to the end of this Рthanks!  I know it was a long read but I had a lot to say and share so I hope you found some of my thoughts useful!

Until next time!

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