Plain White Tees!

There’s nothing I love more than a simple t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.  Come summer, I swap the jeans for shorts, preferrably denim. It’s simple and casual, soooo comfortable and just easy.

My fashion inspiration for this look (and about a million others), hands down, would have to be Jennifer Aniston.  She is like the poster child for making jeans and tees look amazing (also LOVE her hair in this pic):

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Apparently she gets her t-shirts tailored…and while I’d love to do that, let’s be honest – never going to happen.  Taking things like jeans and dress pants to the tailor are a big enough struggle for me, I can’t ever see myself taking t-shirts. Fairly certain she’s not picking up the $20 t-shirt at her local mall however, so I suppose if you’re spending a hundred dollars or more on one t-shirt, getting it professionally tailored only makes sense.

I’m always on the hunt for perfect, plain white tees!  I used to love Gap’s version but they’ve completely changed theirs this year and I’m not a fan of the fabric so they are out.  I prefer a v-neck, fitted but not tight and a light cotton with just the right amount of stretch in them so they keep their shape but don’t cling.  Not too much to ask, right?

Plain White Tees


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I’m going to head out this weekend and see what – if anything I can find.  I’m pretty picky about what I like when it comes to t-shirts so it’s very likely that I’ll be coming home empty handed.  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Wishing you a great weekend!


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