Spring Fashion Inspiration

I’m not sure where you live but here, the weather has been absolutely fantastic.  We’re actually having a real Spring, which is super rare for us.  I’m very tempted to pack up my winter clothes and pull out my spring/summer stuff but there’s two problems with that 1) we can still get snowstorms well into May 2) I don’t really have many spring clothes to pull out.

I’m really in need of work clothes for Spring/Summer.  My work wardrobe consists of some pretty basic things – dress pants (I liked cropped/ankle length as I’m in between a petite and regular length at most stores and I HATE getting things hemmed), pencil skirts, tailored blazers, flowy blouses and fitted cardigans.  I love colour and I’ll tend to either wear a neutral bottom and coloured top or vice versa.  I’m really don’t consider myself trendy at all – in fact by the time that I feel comfortable wearing something that is trendy, it’s usually no longer in style.  If I had to define my style, I’d consider it to be classic, hence the name of my blog. 🙂

Some of my favourite places to stop are Express, Ann Taylor, Loft, RW & Co and Rickis.  Unfortunately there are very few Ann Taylor or Loft stores here in Canada and none in my neck of the woods so they are always two of the first places I stop in when I’m shopping in the US.  What they all have in common is that the offer really good basics – i.e. blazers, blouses, dress pants for a reasonable price and I find the quality pretty good as well.

In doing some online window shopping, there were a few trends that got me excited.  Lots of florals and scalloped hems and necklines – so feminine!  There also seems to be a lot of colour out there this year too which I love!   I’m heading out to do some shopping this weekend so I can’t wait to see what I can find to spruce and brighten up my wardrobe!

  1. picmonkey_image-3Windowpane High Waist Pencil Skirt – Express
  2. Scallop Edge Shell – Loft
  3. Scallop Bodice Dress – Loft
  4. Columnist Ankle Pant – Express
  5. Laser Cut Scallop Shell – Loft
  6. Lace Pencil Skirt – Ann Taylor
  7. Neon Pineapple Convertible Sleeve Portofino Shirt – Express 

Wishing you a great weekend!


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