Weekend recap – April 13

Well it’s Monday again.  Weekends always go so fast and never seem long enough. My weekend mainly consisted of me alternating between laying in bed and lounging on the couch. I was still getting over this head cold/flu that I caught last week (still am) so I had no energy to do anything.  It was pretty disappointing as I missed out on a few things that had been planned for quite a while but what can you do.

Quality time with my bed and couch meant I had time to create a new header image for my blog, as you may have noticed.  I used Pic Monkey which is my new favorite photo editing tool. The photo editing options offered are literally endless, it’s really user friendly and best of all – it’s free! Another bonus: you also don’t have to log in and create an account to edit or create anything, which is great for lazies like me (just another password to remember). I also took the opportunity to change up my theme as my new header didn’t go well with the last one I was using (Sela).  I’m not convinced this one (Able) is truly the one either, but for now it’ll work.

One thing I learned about myself while I was furiously working away on my blog this weekend – I’m super critical and a perfectionist.  I’m still not happy with the fact that my header looks blurry but I finally had to let it go.  I spent hours creating one version, only to upload it and end up scraping it and then starting over again.  I had an idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like but creating that image wasn’t so easy.  Don’t even get my started on sizing #rage.

Anyway it’s done now and I feel it’s more reflective of me so I hope you like it! I also spent some time perusing Sephora.com this weekend.  If you’re a VIB Rouge member you should have received an email for 15% off your purchases from now until Tuesday.  I’ve got a long list of wants but for the sake of my credit card balance I need to scale that list back.  Here’s a few purchases I’m seriously considering: Sephora shopping list 1. Beauty Blender ($26 CAD) – I currently use a Quo knock off that I bought on sale for around $4.  It works well and I’m happy with it but I keep hearing everyone rave about these.  But $26 for a makeup sponge?  Seems ridiculous but I’ve spent more on stupider things.

2. Cover FX Custom Cover Drops ($44 CAD) – I’m running a little low on foundation and I’ve been hearing nothing but rave reviews about this product.  The idea behind this is that you can blend a few drops with any face product – moisturizer, primer, oil, etc. and it works as a foundation which you can customize to create whatever level of coverage you desire.  Anything that’s versatile and customizable sounds great to me so I’m pretty tempted to take the plunge on this one.

3. Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm ($35 CAD) – I’m also in need of a new face cleanser and again, the reviews on this one are very positive.  Ultimately I need a something that’s moisturizing and gentle, but can remove my makeup and not make me break out.  This isn’t a cheap option either but apparently it’s supposed to last a while which makes up for it.

4. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish ($26 CAD) – My lips have been super dry and peel-y lately and I’ve been wanting to give this a try for a while.  The reviews on this one seem a little mixed so I’m interested to see how it works for me.

Have you tried any of these?  If so let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!  I’ll be doing a blog post later this week to update you on my purchases.

One last thing I wanted to share – I watched the movie Tammy yesterday.  It’s a little older (released last summer) but I hadn’t had a chance to watch it yet.  Overall: HILARIOUS.  I’m a huge Melissa McCarthy fan and even though I think she’s played a similar character in her last few movies, she still cracked me up.  The critics weren’t kind to her in their reviews of it but who listens to them anyway?  If you like slapstick comedy with a touch of raunch I’d recommend it.

Have a fantastic week!

Maggie <3

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