Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo (Life Changing!)

I have fine hair.  Super fine hair but lots of it.  Years ago, my choices were: a) wake up early, wash my hair every day and walk around in a zombie-like state OR b) walk around looking like a well-rested grease ball.  Some days my hair won, but most days sleep did.

Until I discovered Batiste (cue angels singing!).  This stuff has literally changed my life – I can now  go 2 whole days without washing my hair!


Like I said, my hair is pretty fine, but I have lots of it.  It doesn’t hold any kind of style well (exception: the kink from having my hair in a ponytail seems to last for eternity #ironic ) so I do apply a style primer and volumizing mousse into my freshly washed hair, which helps a bit.

Then day 2 rolls around.  I section off my hair, spray it on my roots and brush it through.  Sometimes, if brushing doesn’t get the product fully distributed I’ll rub it in with fingertips.  After that, viola – no more greasy roots!

I do the same on day 3…which in all honesty, could really be a lapse in judgement.  I do find my hair gets a little frizzy and limp on day 3…but meh.  My bed is comfy and I value the extra minutes of sleep more than having fantastic looking hair multiple times a week.  I usually pull it half up or spend a little extra time curling it on days when I feel it’s not quite looking up to par.

I’ve never attempted to go past day 3 without shampooing but I can tell you with a large amount of certainty that that wouldn’t be a good thing for me.  When I do wash my hair I wash it twice just to get rid of the two days of build up from the dry shampoo and other products I use.  I’d have zero volume or any kind of style if I attempted to extend my hair washing to Day 4.  Just not going to happen.

I know that some people find that dry shampoo adds volume to their roots but I’ve never found this to be the case with any dry shampoo I’ve tried.  But this could relate back to my hair type?  No clue.

The one thing I love about Batiste is that it’s in a aerosol spray.  I used to use the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo that came in powder form and it was so messy!  I would use a makeup brush to apply it to my roots but it always ended up getting everywhere.  I find the spray much easier to direct exactly where you want it and it’s cleaner.

I’ve purchased Batiste at Homesense/Winners and Superstore for $7.99.  I’ve also seen it available at Shoppers Drug Mart but I believe it was closer to $10 there.  A can usually lasts me a couple of weeks so I find the price really reasonable!  It comes in a variety of scents, some are better than others but overall I’d say they all smell pretty pleasant.  I’m indifferent about the one pictured above, but I have tried a cherry scented one that I really liked but has proven difficult to find.

In summary:


  • Soaks up grease!
  • Pleasant smell
  • Great price!


  • Can cause some buildup on scalp/roots, ensure you rub/brush it through your hair well to avoid this

COST: $8 – $10 CAD

WHERE I FOUND IT: Homesense, Winners, Superstore, Shopper’s Drug Mart

Here’s to looking less greasy!
Maggie <3


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