Great find – Sam Edelman flats!

DSW (aka Designer Shoe Warehouse) recently opened a few locations in my city and I can’t tell you how excited this made me!  I’ve been to a few of their locations in the States and always loved their vast selection of shoes, purses and accessories.

So needless to say I braved the crowds and headed out there on their opening weekend.  I could have done some serious damage to my credit card about 5 seconds into the store but I restrained myself as I was looking for something pretty simple – basic black flats.  Low and behold I came across these in the clearance section:


I purchased a pair of Sam Edelman Felicia ballerina flats back in the Fall at a NordstromRack and I absolutely love them.  I have super high arches and my feet feel best and most comfortable in shoes that are flat, with very little to no arch support (no clue why that is?).  Anyway since that purchase I’ve been constantly seeking another pair, but I haven’t seen them many places here in Canada and those that I have (Nordstrom & The Bay) were priced at $100+.

These were marked down to $75 and then I received an additional 25% off so they came out to $56 plus GST.  On my way to the register I also spotted pairs in my size in hot pink (leather) and red (suede) which I tried really hard to ignore.  It was difficult but I did it.  Still impressed with myself about that.  #selfcontrol

I love that they are patent instead of just regular black leather!  It makes them a little more fancy – although I totally still wear them with jeans as much as I do my dressier work clothes.


Until next time!
Maggie <3

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