Beauty products I’ve stopped purchasing

Recently, as I was reviewing and decluttering my makeup collection, I came to a couple of realizations.   First, there was a theme to some of the products I was decluttering and second, I have quite a bit of makeup in my collection that I’ve either changed my mind about liking or have too much of.  […]

Lorac Pro 4 Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches and Review

I only purchased a few eyeshadow palettes in 2018 and one of them was another Lorac palette; I’m sure you’re shocked and surprised given how much I’ve raved about the brand in the past 😉  I’ve been using this off and on since November and today I’m here to share my review and swatches of […]

This & That Fridays – February 22

WHAT’S UP Yah I know it’s technically Saturday but we’re just going to pretend that I didn’t forget to schedule this post for yesterday… RECENT PURCHASES Given that I often make a coffee or hot chocolate and forget about it, I thought an insulated coffee mug would be a good investment for me so I […]

Five Products on my Beauty Radar – February 2018

Is it ironic for me to share a list of things I’m thinking of buying right after I announce I’m going on a low-buy for the year?  Probably but here we are!  I was visiting Polished and Inspired’s blog the other day and came across her 9 Beauty Products I Want to Try in 2019 […]

2019 Project Pan + Low Buy

In an effort to focus more on the products in my collection (and buy less!) in 2018, I did two projects – a Project Pan and something I called my Monthly Makeup Focus where I cycled through a group of new and existing products each month.  It was a lot but I really felt that […]

This & That Fridays – February 8

  This post contains affiliate links; As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  For more information, please reference my Disclosure/Privacy Policy. WHAT’S UP Brrrr!  It’s 17 but feels like -29 here this morning.  We’ve been stuck in this stupid polar vortex for a week now and I’m over it. After finishing The Office for a […]